Breathe Yoga Teachers

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Ryan and Christine Brown

Christine's study of yoga began back in 1997 at the University of Arizona with a minor in East Asian studies, where she first discovered Patanjali's Yoga Sutras as well as a steady asana practice. Her asana practice began with Bryan Kest's Power Yoga videos at home, which eventually evolved into practicing at a number of Tucson studios around town. Following a serious shoulder injury that led to a reconstructive surgery around 2003, Christine adapted her practice toward Bikram Yoga, having done several workshops with him. This style allowed her to continue her asana practice without putting strain on her shoulder. Eventually her love of vinyasa led her to a teacher-training week in the Bahamas with Beryl Bender Birch in March of 2005 where Christine would also meet her eventual husband. The couple would ultimately decide to settle and raise their family here in the Old Pueblo. Christine opened Breathe Yoga in December of 2016 on the Eastside of Tucson to spread her love of vinyasa yoga to those that are drawn to the practice.  She is currently a 200 hour registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance, and through her experience and knowledge Christine is able to adapt her teaching of asana to practitioners of all levels.

Ryan is a student and teacher of Beryl Bender Birch in Ashtanga yoga, Power yoga and vinyasa yoga. Ryans yoga journey began in 2003 with an intro to yoga video by Patricia Walden. After practicing every day for two weeks he discovered power yoga through a series of videos by Brian Kest. He was lucky enough to find his teacher Beryl went to his first training with her back in March 2004. Shortly after that training he went to work for her, while practicing and learning from her every day. Ryan met my wife, Christine a year later on a retreat with Beryl. They settled in Tucson back in 2006, and after taking some time to have a family and raise kids they opened Breathe Yoga studio in December 2016.

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Jen Sulger

Born and raised in Tucson, Jennifer was first drawn to yoga in 2001, after the first of three spinal surgeries began to place limitations on her active lifestyle.  Looking for alternatives that would be kinder to her body yet continue to challenge her, she enrolled in the Guild for Structural Integration in Boulder, CO to study physical alignment and rebalancing through myofascial manipulation.  While in Colorado, she began a regular Ashtanga practice under the guidance of the Richard Freeman studio.  After receiving her certification in Structural Integration, she returned to Tucson and began not only a new career but also a search for a search for a yoga practice that would fit into her new way of living.  Through trial and error of many forms of yoga her practice developed and became a consistent part of life.  2013 brought surgery number two and even more restrictions on her physical activities, which encouraged her to enroll in the 200 hour intensive yoga teacher training in the summer of 2014, to truly see what her body was capable of.  Surgery number three followed shortly in 2015, while being a minor setback to her practice, she was not derailed.  In 2016 she was offered the opportunity to teach at her primary studio where her love and admiration of yoga grew even more.  Jennifer joined Breathe Yoga in the summer of 2018, bringing the balance of Yin to our studio to compliment both our vinyasa practice as well as the chaos of everyday life.  17 years after her search began; she continues to link both her Structural Integration practice and her yoga practice.  Her love of all aspects of yoga from the physical practice, to the mindful meditation, to the breath itself challenges her restrictions daily.  Jennifer resides in her childhood home with her husband and two amazing daughters.  She looks forward to a future within a yoga community that has given her so much hope to continue to strive to be her best. Jen teachers Yin Yoga on Monday and Wednesday nights at 6:15pm.

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Erica Godoy

Erica has been practicing yoga for over fifteen years. In 2015, she was blessed with the opportunity to complete her 200 Hour Yoga Instructor Certicication with LifePower Yoga Teacher Training in Parker, CO (a yoga alliance accredited YTT program) under the lineage of Jonny Kest, and continues to register as a certified RYT 200 Teacher with Yoga Alliance.

Erica has experienced first hand both the physical and spiritual healing and growth that the practice offers those who seek it. Diagnosed with scoliosis and told she would need back surgery before the age of 30, Erica began to seriously study and practice yoga to heal her body’s imbalances and avoid surgery. As she became stronger she found a Vinyasa practice suited her personality best and began to focus her yoga practice on Hot Vinyasa and Ashtanga.  In August of 2014, Erica found an even deeper connection to yoga when it became a pivotal part of her recovery from alcoholism, and she proudly celebrates four years of sobriety held up by the beautiful foundation of a strong yoga practice both on and off of the mat.

Erica believes that Yoga is a most beautiful metaphor for understanding the Human Experience; that Yoga is the ultimate kinesthetic learning approach towards studying how to successfully live life.

Seeing as how Erica believes that a successful life should be joyful and fun, she works to incorporate creative sequencing and awesome music into her classes. She emphasizes the importance of tailoring yoga to fit your body, because every body is different; Yoga is not a one size fits all practice, it is one practice that can adjust to fit all shapes and sizes.  She looks forward to meeting you and sharing the practice of Yoga to all levels in a transformative and playful format!